dimarts, 7 d’agost de 2012

Who moved my batteries?

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Surely many of you have read "Who moved my cheese?", the popular publication by Spencer Johnson which metaphorically summarizes the inability of some people to accept change, thinking that any past was better. This happened to "Hem" the Lilliputian. He always insisted on staying where he was, thinking that everything would be like before.
The batteries, which until recently gave us energy, have got rusty, are worn out, and there is no way to recharge them. Time to get some new batteries, and stop thinking that the will be recharged by themselves and that everything will be as before. Let´s not behave like "Hem", nothing will ever be as before, not the labor market, nor the world of grants, or the much-vaunted welfare state.
To paraphrase, we get new batteries, or what is the same: we develop new professional skills, new talents. Companies are not going to hire workers or employees, they will hire talent. They will not make indefinite contracts either, whether we like it or not, therefore our curriculum should not emphasize the studies or the companies where we worked. Instead we must learn to highlight our talents and abilities.
All or almost all of us, end up being entrepreneurs based on our capabilities, our services, independently or in teams, to make contracts for a certain period. We will become specialists.
Labor relations, as we knew them so far, were the product of a revolution, an industrial revolution, which ended in the last century and now, is on its last legs.
The business model is in a process of profound transformation that will lead to new more flexible and completely different formats and concepts, Entrepreneurs and their businesses; politicians are lounging in their state of personal and economic well-being supported by widespread corruption, and which is even socially accepted. The political parties, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, trade unions, etc have worn out their batteries. The only remedy is to get new batteries.
If your question is: Who took my batteries?, I tell you that among all those we have used, some have more than one of them than others, but no time to cry over spilled milk, no time for blaming. We've all had our share of "Hem", and no matter if it happened by mistake, omission or abuse

It's time to get new batteries, it's time of "Haw" because being a mouse is too late. And the time is now.

dijous, 28 de juny de 2012

Ear kitchen! Cooking on Social Media key

When a restaurant opens its doors to the entrance to their customers, is that before has been preparing their dishes. Today we open the restaurant social media strategist, but first have to cook our dishes.

The first dish we will call Brand and need to prepare it the following ingredients:

  • A staff previously prepared with a good dressing-raising
  • A high dose of Social Media Presence as before we will have planned
  • A team to give substance and life and color to the dish
  • A pinch of creativity
  • A good dose of contents
  • Top it all with patience, monitoring and measurement

The second dish will be called Partners and need to prepare it these ingredients:

  • A few strategic partners, conveniently scattered
  • A well-chosen keywords that combine well with the first dish
  • Each partner shall we dress with a well trained team
  • Will pick a few ripe prescriptors of social media tree
  • Accompany it all with a good dressing of cooperation and collaboration

The third dish we will call Competitors and will be cooked carefully so they do not become indigestible. The ingredients are as follows:

  • A few Competitors carefully choose, we can find them easily, but not all have to be necessarily that we should cook
  • In a separate container a good sauce cook monitoring and pass through the sieve to obtain a good juice that is easily digested
  • In another bowl will mix the juices obtained with a little imagination, to get an original and different sauce
  • Finally we will serve the sauce apart from Competitors to highlight.

Finally, of course, desserts, delicious dish and waited, we will call Customers. To get a good Customer, requires several steps:

  • First of all is to find out where Customers can find the most suitable for our plate, we can sometimes be mistaken for Channel where to find
  • Having chosen a Channel where we can find the best Customers to our plate, the next step is to find the flavor, color and smell of each Customer, for as we know, each one is different from the others.
  • Once identified and selected the best Customers can adapt to our plate, it's time to prepare it:
  • Customers are caught one by one, and are dressed in the most appropriate to their characteristics.
  • The preparation of a good sauce that can lead content well with Customers
  • Everything is seasoned with wit, creativity and high doses of emotion

The result should be an excellent ration of Customers

How about this menu? What food or ingredients you add or Remove lint? Do not forget to leave your comments, as chef, gourmet or as simple as a guest.

Here you have also this article on Slideshare presentation format:

diumenge, 20 de maig de 2012

About me

Then you have some small samples of works in video format and presentation that I made on Youtube and Slideshare. The Youtube video was made with Windows Movie Maker and Slideshare presentation with Free Office:

dissabte, 19 de maig de 2012

The new revolution

Times have changed, is there anyone who still have not heard? I hope not, but because I say that times have changed, it is very simple, we have moved from industrial society to communication society. The last major revolution in the history of mankind was undoubtedly that of the industrial revolution and the people who lived it, obviously not learned that was living. Well that'sexactly what happens to us, we are experiencing a new revolution, probably muchgreater and more important than that, but as we are in which we live, we hardly notice. The advantage that we have now is that the revolution itself is warning us every day, because we are entering an era full of global and open communication, where virtuallyeveryone has access to information that is generated every day. In this revolution, the business situation is changing drastically. We are addressing so many changes as companies do not adapt will be many businesses that will have to close. This requires that all companies start to get to know the world of social media. If anything we need to be clear is that the media will not accommodate us, should be reversed, we have to adapt to the media.